How IKM Solutions can help you

Here Are Some Of The Typical Services We Offer Based On The More Frequently Requested Assignments That We See. If You Have Other IM Or KM Queries Please Contact Us To Find Out More.

  • KM Training – One Day awareness training for information professionals and those getting to grips with Knowledge Management perhaps as a new part of their existing role. Courses are arranged via AIIM UK.
  • File structure – defining a file structure to suit the various types of filing you may need, including EDRMS, Sharepoint, NTFS or other filestores. We usually examine how these structures relate to paper files and other media.
  • Metadata standards, and defining adequate elements of metadata to facilitate Search, Retention, and perhaps regulatory compliance.
  • IM Governance to ensure there are policies and standards to work to, as well as escalation routes for end-users, admin and records managers.
  • Defining and applying Retention schedules. As information piles up, either physically or electronically, how do you define what to keep and for how long? Some things can be scheduled according to well-defined rules, others require more business insight to determine what is the best policy.
  • Certified AIIM training, onsite or in classes arranged through AIIM UK. We deliver ERM, ECM, BPM, Information Governance and Taxonomy & Metadata courses.
  • Business Process Management (BPM), support for business analysis, Process mapping and process improvement facilitation .
  • CIO Coaching and mentoring to support key managers who often specialise in other disciplines rather than IM. In many cases the CIO may appreciate occasional support when there are key events, changes in operational focus or changes in the regulations.
  • Freedom of Information/GDPR  compliance healthchecks, working with you to identify current process gaps, benchmarking with other organisations, or assessing resource requirements.

UK government and other eligible organisations can commission support through the government Digital Outcomes and Specialists (Digital Marketplace).

IKM Solutions partner with AIIM ( to deliver a range of IM and KM training modules. See the latest KM Foundation module fact sheet

Training modules e.g:

    • Taxonomy & Metadata
    • ERM Practitioner
    • ECM Practitioner
    • Information Governance
    • KM Practitioner course
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